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Posted Friday, June 7, 2019

Did you know? CuraScript SD has over 7,300 products and over 200 suppliers

Proactive Collaboration

A breakthrough treatment doesn’t work if it doesn’t reach the people who need it. We ensure that the treatment that is made to help, gets to the people who need it most. It is never enough to simply have agreements with suppliers, we have partnerships with them. We work together to find solutions and solve problems for suppliers through building relationships with a high-caliber commitment. Flexibility with our suppliers is important for growth and new opportunities so we maintain ongoing and open communication with suppliers.  

Customized Distribution

Every product can have various distribution requirements and we take those seriously. We have precise operational processes, even for the most complex handling requirements for rare disease/orphan medications. Our suppliers trust our dedication and appreciation for expertise and planning for products. This trust has led to CuraScript SD’s exclusive and limited distribution agreements. While creating and implementing custom distribution processes we meet and maintain compliance and safety standards.

Reporting and Support

Through Galileo we offer strategic analytic reporting and develop features based on supplier needs. Galileo provides meaningful and actionable insights around product sales, inventory and utilization, and performance measurements in real time. CuraScript SD’s unique position with subsidiary and parent companies, allows for go-to-market strategy to full distribution. Our teams work with suppliers on all details from contracting, distribution, promotion, and more. We offer support across various areas for a better partner experience.       

Features with CuraScript SD

We are always looking for new and innovative offerings and ways to serve the healthcare community. Here are just a few of some features available:

  • Cryogenic freezer that stores medication at critically specific temperatures
  • Mega fridge located in our Ohio facility, it is one of the largest commercial refrigerators in existence.
  • Nationwide product fulfillment with next-day delivery on most products

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