The Value of Vaccines

Posted Thursday, August 1, 2013


For a Safer Future

Thanks to vaccines, smallpox- a disease that once killed millions of people a year- has been eradicated and no longer do people need to be vaccinated!

Many people recognize the importance of having children vaccinated, but did you know
that it’s just as important to make sure adults are up-to-date on vaccines as well?
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) there are 16 preventable
diseases that all children and adults should be inoculated against. Many of these
diseases have become all but eradicated thanks to vaccines, but maintaining the
resistance is vital to keeping the diseases from coming back.

There many reasons why children should be vaccinated, but here are a number of
reasons why adults should be vaccinated as well:

• Time for a booster!
Many vaccines have a limited protection life; often these vaccines require
booster shots to have sustained effectiveness.

• Everyone should get a flu shot, every year.
The flu is an always changing disease. A yearly flu shot will guarantee protection!

• Getting vaccinated protects those who can’t be.
There are people who are unable to be vaccinated, whether it is because of
their immune system, age, or pregnancy. Patients should protect themselves
and those around them.

• Some vaccines are for adults only.
The vaccine for Shingles is only available to adults over the age of 60. Anyone
who has had chickenpox is a carrier!

• When Traveling.
Many people travel each day. Planning a trip to an area where disease hasn’t
been as controlled means there is a higher risk of contracting diseases.

Visit the CDC Vaccine Schedule page to evaluate your protection level.

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