The Key to Superior Customer Support

Posted Thursday, November 2, 2017

Did You Know? CuraScript SD carries a Net Promoter Score of 77% in Overall Customer Satisfaction

Going Beyond the Basics

CuraScript SD delivers personalized Customer Support every day

01 | A Super Customer Experience

Customer Support’s basic function is the assistance and advice provided by a company to those who buy or use its products or services. 

Customer satisfaction, however, is not achieved by maintaining the status quo. At CuraScript SD, our Customer Support team has been expertly trained to listen and understand the customer’s needs and seek clear solutions. This requires going beyond the call of duty and providing personalized service unmatched by our competitors.

As a result, CuraScript SD has consistently held a significantly high Net Promoter Score (NPS) in Customer Satisfaction, well above others in the same industry. Since 2013, our company has maintained an average NPS of 72%, with a score of 77% for Quarters 3 and 4 of 2016.

02 | Why Personalized Service Matters

CuraScript SD believes in delivering superior customer support by offering a fully-staffed Customer Support team to provide timely support to inbound phone, fax, online, EDI and email inquiries. This is extremely important as technology increases and the role of customer support continues to evolve.

How are we different? Customers continually search for ways to find the products and services they need more easily while still expecting businesses to understand their preferences and purchase history. While many organizations may talk about the benefits of personalization, CuraScript SD delivers individualized customer support every day.

03 | The Bottom Line

CuraScript SD provides customized business solutions, access to specialty pharmaceuticals and personalized customer support for healthcare providers. In turn, our customers – the healthcare providers – deliver expert care to patients dealing with medical conditions, some of which are life threatening. It is with the care of those patients in mind that we strive for excellence in customer support each and every day.

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