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Posted Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Did You Know? CuraScript SD receives contract pricing information via EDI 845, emailed contracts and fax transmission.

Enhanced Visibility to Savings

CuraScript SD'S Custom Business Solutions Improve Practice Efficiency & Profitability

01 | Contract Pricing Assurance

CuraScript SD’s exclusive Contract Pricing Assurance tools enable improved contract compliance and greater visibility of contracted savings.

  • Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Contracts
  • Provider Contracts & Rebate Management
  • Government & Public Health System Pricing

02 | Chargeback Administration

CuraScript SD’s professional, experienced Chargeback Administration Team manages chargeback accounts receivables and reconciliation for manufacturers. The team verifies that contracted pricing orders are transmitted to the manufacturer in a timely manner, and acts as a liaison between CuraScript SD and the manufacturer to resolve any transmission errors. The team also reviews and posts payments received from the manufacturer, researches and reconciles discrepancies and manages the resubmission process.

Chargeback data is systematically captured at the time of each order, and transmitted to the manufacturer in accordance with the agreed terms. Chargebacks are sent to the manufacturer via EDI 844 or secure email.

03 | Contract Administration

Our goal is to provide best-in-class service by focusing on accurate customer contract attachment, resulting in correct pricing with each order entered. Our team of specialized contract administrators manages a variety of contract types in the acute, rare disease and non-acute markets. Contract types include:

  • Hospital
  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Multi-Specialty Clinics
  • Community Physician
  • 340B Pricing
  • Federal Supply Schedule (FSS)
  • Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Contracts

Our contract administrators are responsible for the timely setup and maintenance of contract pricing and membership for manufacturers. Contract eligibility administrators review each customer’s class of trade, unique identifier, and, as applicable, the HRSA website, and GPO or manufacturer supplied membership roster.

04 | EDI Capable

CuraScript SD is fully EDI capable, including EDI 844, 849, 845, 850, 852 and 867 transaction sets, and has the ability to provide client connectivity reports to help ensure all active customers are set up correctly. CuraScript SD capabilities ensure standardization and transparency on all products purchased. 

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