Partners in Total Account Management

Posted Monday, May 20, 2019

Did you know? Total Account Management delivers superior client support.

Our one-on-one approach

CuraScript SD offers customized business solutions, assigning dedicated account managers to work closely with their customers to recognize trends and select the services and products that best meet their needs. To enrich the customer experience, CuraScript SD has developed a Total Account Management approach to further nurture relationships with customers and group practices. Total Account Management (TAM) is a strategic multi-layered approach that ensures the long-term development and preservation of customer relationships.

Why it works

Because each organization is different, a successful Specialty Distributor must have the flexibility and necessary skill set to approach each opportunity at various levels. With Total Account Management, CuraScript SD carefully targets specific touch points and engages with corresponding resources to maximize partnership opportunities. This holistic approach creates a broader solutions-based relationship that supports long-term sustainability. The CuraScript SD Total Account Management Team includes:

  • Sr. Strategic Business Managers
  • Strategic Business Specialists
  • Strategic Account Representatives
  • Market Segment Account Managers
  • Strategic Sales Account Team


We work closely with purchasers, practice managers, providers and more in order to provide quality service. While becoming an extension of any office with tools and resources, CuraScript SD offers more to our customers. It is important to look at a multitude of areas of focus for practices to review for opportunities and options for improvement. Total account management offers a personalized benefit that is unmatched in the industry.

How we are different

The goal of Total Account Management not only includes a focus on sales, but also concentrates on building and maintaining customer relationships. This approach allows team members to develop relationships with key individuals, collaborate with the customer at all levels, remove organizational obstacles to customer focus and effectively communicate the voice of the customer to the business.

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