Meet the Team – Leila Utt

Posted Tuesday, July 21, 2020

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Your Partner in Care

CuraScript SD prides itself by having teams of professional individuals who provide physicians and offices with distinct service. When we build our teams we look for those who are not afraid of a challenge and who are willing to go above and beyond. Our account managers work one on one with accounts to provide unmatched personalized service. 

We want our clients to feel like they have a reliable account manager who cares about them and their patients. The teams we have in place are specialized to disease states and territories in order to provide tailored options no matter who it is for. Not only do our account managers work closely with customers but they also work closely with other teams to develop the best solutions and opportunities for you.

Leila Utt

Leila Utt is your partner in care within the Ambulatory Surgery and Ophthalmology market throughout the Midwest. She has been with CuraScript SD since 2002 and over her 18 years of service she has held different territories and worked diligently for providers. Leila is well versed in pharmaceutical products and helpful in introducing customers to a broad range of services that would best suit their practice. In her tenure Leila has received recognition for being a top performer and leading in teamwork and customer satisfaction. She approaches any customer with the same goal of optimizing physician practices for the most efficient outcomes.  

Through specialized market focus, Leila has brought exceptional value to her customers. With unlimited opportunities through CuraScript SD and personalized service from our account managers, we look forward to offering the best solutions to you so you have the ability to provide the best care.

More than a wholesale distributor

Explore all CuraScript SD has to offer in addition to our extensive product inventory:

  • Integrated pharmacy/distribution services
  • Exclusive access to essential therapies
  • Dedicated Account Management team
  • Simplified billing, flexible terms and
  • easy ordering options
  • Nationwide product fulfillment with next
  • day delivery on most products
  • Extended weekday service hours (8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern)

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