Importance of Brain Health

Posted Thursday, August 27, 2020


Did you know? Your brain is not fully formed until age 25

Information can travel up to 268 miles per hour within the brain.

01 | Introduction

Starting in the womb, your brain constantly works to control your body's functions and controls your interaction with the world. Keeping your brain healthy is important to be able to keep a clear mind, and live a healthy lifestyle. Brain health is based upon minimizing risk factors, staying mentally healthy, and allowing your brain to stay in shape while you age. Without a healthy brain, your body cannot perform the functions needed and can lead to further health issues.

02 | Being aware

Keeping your brain healthy is important to overall health. Family history, along with any chronic conditions, can impact the way your brain functions. Contributing factors of these conditions can increase the risk of developing other diseases like Alzheimer's. The human brain can generate enough power to light a lightbulb, which is around 23 watts of power. However, damage to neurons can alter brain function. For example, during a stroke, oxygen is unable to reach the brain. This results in brain cells dying and areas of the brain losing the ability to function.

03 | Preventive action

We can't change our genetic predispositions, but we can make lifestyle choices that promote brain and mental health such as:

  • Live an active life
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Get quality sleep
  • Stay socially engaged
  • Challenge and activate your mind
  • Control chronic conditions

04 | Getting help

It is never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle and incorporate habits that will allow maximum health for the brain and body. If you or a loved one have been diagnozed with a chronic condition or mental health issue, talk to your provider to find the best possible treatment. Maintain regular health checks to screen for any potential problems.

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