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Posted Friday, March 29, 2019

Did You Know? CuraScript SD’s sales team has knowledge of products, services, efficiency, and more

Employee Training to Better Support Physicians

CuraScript SD Offers Training & Development for Employees to Bridge the Gap Between Learning & Implementation of Solutions

01 | Developing a Sales Team

Every Year members of our sales force participate in a two-day event that broadens their knowledge of physician needs. During the conference, these team members meet with external and internal speakers and presenters to gain knowledge and experience that is critical to supporting physicians.  There are presentations on products, services, development, and business strategy. The culmination of this information provides the necessary awareness for CuraScript SD employees to be ready and anticipate the objectives of physicians. This training allows for expedited, high attention to the needs and wants of physicians, purchasers, office managers, and overall needs of any practice or office.

02 | Applying Knowledge

The team works diligently to use the knowledge that they learn every year. Solving physician concerns by using acquired knowledge is how account managers at CuraScript SD stand out in the market. Our sales team can offer extensive information on products specific to a disease state, and give alternatives to provide immediate resolution to not only physicians but ultimately patients. Working to be a central location for all the needs of every practice is important to us.    

03 | Looking at the Future

With the knowledge accumulated during the sales conference, the sales team looks at the opportunities to expand on products and services available to physician s. CuraScript SD never stops investigating and developing new and exciting ways to meet physician needs. The industry is always changing and we want to make sure that employees are prepared for those changes.  

04 | Why Train?

CuraScript SD is dedicated to employees and we know that employees who are well equipped to handle any scenario in their job, will be more successful.  We also want to offer the best to our physicians. Each physician is unique and has different needs; we want our employees to have the tools and training necessary to provide needed information and solutions to each physician.   

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