CuraScript SD: Providing Customized Solutions

Posted Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Did You Know? Our strong relationships with healthcare providers differentiates our specialty distribution capabilities from the "big box" approach favored by other distributors.

The Specialty Distributor of Choice

CuraScript SD provides our pharmaceutical partners with flexible, customized solutions and tailored data analytics.

01 | Our Foundation for Success

The foundation of CuraScript SD’s competitive advantage is the caliber of our staff, processes and technology, and our ability to provide innovative solutions that exceed the expectations of our pharmaceutical partners.  

CuraScript SD’s demonstrated abilities in building customized solutions supporting products with complex characteristics and rigid controls helps differentiate us in a market where many of our competitors struggle with balancing technical expertise with operational excellence. CuraScript SD is recognized in the market as a national specialty distributor with a full suite of expertise and offerings.

02 | Key Service Benefits

Some of the key service benefits that set us apart as the Specialty Distributor of Choice include:

  • Extensive expertise in navigating limited and exclusive specialty distribution arrangements
  • VAWD Accredited, strategically located national distribution centers
  • Critical warehousing, inventory management and logistic services to customers providing a fully-integrated product solution
  • Best-in-class provider portal (online ordering tool)
  • Automatic validation of state licenses, DEA registrations, as well as overall compliance to any specific manufacturer requirements prior to initiation of the order fulfillment process
  • Built-in, customer-friendly order tracking and shipping status capabilities

03 | Delivering Superior Service

CuraScript SD delivers superior services based on our extensive experience with programs for specialty products, coupled with our willingness and flexibility to customize programs with our pharmaceutical partners resulting in the best possible customer experience. 

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