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Posted Monday, April 2, 2018

Did You Know? CuraScript SD's online ordering website offers a reporting suite.

On-Demand Reporting

CuraScript SD wants every customer to have access to data and information that is essential to them and practice efficiency

01 | Reports

With access to the Online Ordering website customers gain the ability to pull reports for their account(s). Reports available online are:

  • Utilization – Allows the customer to see what products are purchased most frequently and at what quantity; highlighting various factors of the products.
  • Contract Utilization – Allows the customer to view contracted items that are trending for the account(s).
  • Controlled Substance – Allows the customer to view controlled substances purchased with additional filtering by drug class.
  • DSCSA – This report provides all the information required by the Drug Supply Security Act to maintain standardization of data for the FDA.
  • ASP – This report shows average selling price by Jcode, listed by popular items for specific therapeutic classes.

02 | Filters

Every report has a set of filters that allow for tailored data. Each report offers different filters based on the report, some of the available filters are:

  • Date range
  • Item Number
  • Item Description
  • Order Number
  • Invoice Number

 The ASP Report is populated by Segment and Quarter data, no additional filters are available.  

03 | Chart View

Data rendered within the utilization, contract utilization, and the controlled substance reports offers a charts tab to view selected data in chart form. The charts available vary per report and can be expanded and printed. These charts offer quick visual representation of data in order to quickly identify important information.  

04 | Tabular View

In the tabular view certain columns are sortable, allowing you further refinement of selected data. Expansion of the view to list more items is also an option and allows for more data on one page. All reports allow for data to be exported from the tabular view. The data is easily exported into either of the following 3 formats; PDF file, Excel Document, or CSV file. 

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