CuraScript SD Distribution Center Order Execution

Posted Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Did You Know? CuraScript SD has 3 distribution centers in different cities across the country.

Availability Coast to Coast

CuraScript SD provides efficient and expedited service from order placement to delivery.

01 | Pick TicketAfter an order is placed a pick ticket is printed at the distribution center with the list of items in the order. Tickets for the same order can be split based if products ordered were refrigerated or non-refrigerated. Shipping method and address are verified on the ticket with a shipping verification stamp based on type of product and which distribution center it will be shipping from. The ticket also has a code which is scanned to track the order progress.  

02 | Picker

A picker in the distribution center takes the pick ticket and a scanner to retrieve items in the distribution center. Items are scanned to verify that the correct item is listed on the pick ticket. Once the correct item is scanned for an order the picker then reviews the lot number, expiration date, unit of measure and quantity for accuracy in relation to the order. If all details match, the next item is retrieved and the verification process is repeated for each item in an order. After all items have been selected, a tote containing all the items is placed on a conveyor.

03 | Auditor

An auditor inspects each order off the conveyor for accuracy against the pick ticket.  Item numbers, item descriptions, quantities, lot numbers, and expiration dates are all verified again. The auditor then signs the pick ticket as proof of audit and places the order back on the conveyor to be sent to a packer.

04 | Packer

A packer scans the pick ticket to record it is being processed for shipment. A program will guide the packer in packing the items. Appropriate box or cooler size are determined by products being shipped. If an item is refrigerated the program will determine how many ice packs should be used based on the destination of the shipment. The order is verified once again at packing for a final review to ensure the order is complete and accurate. The packer uses various shipping supplies to make sure that all items are being shipped safely and securely.

05 | Shipping

The completely packaged order is weighed and measured and processed in a program for review. If the program feels there is too much or too little in weight or size based on the items in the order an alert is triggered for a supervisor to review the package. Once the program approves the package the shipping label is created and placed on the order. Any additional labeling is placed on the package i.e. do not freeze, fragile, upright arrows etc. and then placed on pallets for shipment. Once a carrier picks up the package the shipping labels are scanned to begin the tracking process for the customer.

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