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Posted Friday, July 6, 2018

Did You Know? CuraScript SD provides a one-stop shopping experience with unique customizable solutions vs. a big box mentality

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CuraScript SD is a National Specialty Distributor Offering a Full Suite of Products and Solutions for Medical Providers

01 | Specialty Distribution

CuraScript SD provides integrated delivery solutions for the safe and efficient distribution of specialty pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. We supply biologics, branded drugs, generics, vaccines, infused medications and ancillary supportive care products for office or office administration to a wide range of medical providers, including physicians, infusion centers, acute care treatment centers and long-term care facilities. 

02 | Buy and Bill

The buy-and-bill process is for provider-administered outpatient drugs: a healthcare provider purchases, stores and then administers the product to a patient. 

With the buy-and-bill system, the provider’s responsibility is:

  • Ordering and purchasing the drug
  • Managing drug inventory at the practice
  • Prescribing and administering the drug to a patient
  • Submitting reimbursement claims for a drug and related professional services
  • Collecting a patient’s share of drug reimbursement—the copayment or coinsurance

 The Distributor is responsible for:

  • Purchasing products from manufacturers
  • Negotiating the drug cost with the provider
  • Delivering the specialty drug to the provider’s location
  • Collecting payment from the provider

 03 | Customized Solutions

CuraScript SD is a superior provider of comprehensive distribution solutions that offer complete transparency throughout the fulfillment process. Our robust expertise in a variety of therapeutic areas allows us to tailor solutions to meet the needs of each practice. We specialize in providing seamless access to essential therapies and customized business solutions which enhance practice efficiency. 

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