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Posted Thursday, November 29, 2018

Did You Know? CuraScript SD was formed in 1994 as Priority Healthcare Corporation

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Delivering Customized Solutions has always been at the heart of CuraScript SD 

01 | Our History

CuraScript SD provides integrated delivery solutions for the safe and efficient distribution of specialty pharmaceuticals and associated medical supplies, with an expertise honed by more than a quarter of a century in the Specialty Distribution Business. So where did it all begin? 

In June 1994, Bindley Western Industries (BWI) created Priority Healthcare Corporation (PHC) to provide pharmaceutical distribution services to the non-acute market. In 1997, BWI announced the initial public offering of PHC with the company’s stock trading on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol PHCC. In April of 1999, PHC purchased Pharmacy Plus, Ltd., a specialty pharmacy that provided injectable biopharmaceuticals to patients via overnight delivery. In October 2005, industry-leading pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) Express Scripts completed the acquisition of Priority Healthcare Corporation and combined it with their existing specialty offering to create one of the largest specialty pharmacy dispensing and distribution companies in the United States. Priority Healthcare Distribution becomes CuraScript SD. 

02 | Our Mission

CuraScript SD delivers customized business solutions and access to specialty drugs for healthcare providers. Anchored by Express Scripts’ integrated specialty services, our commitment to patient care and passion for personal service is unmatched – it is the CuraScript SD advantage. We offer healthcare practitioners seamless access to essential therapies to enhance practice efficiency, providing tailored end-to-end distribution services to the hospital, healthcare provider or authorized specialty pharmacy to meet the unique needs of these products with small patient populations. 

03 | Our Promise

CuraScript SD is a superior provider of comprehensive distribution solutions that offer complete transparency throughout the fulfillment process for physicians’ offices, practices, surgery centers, integrated delivery networks, and other clinical settings. 

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