Caring About the Community

Posted Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Did you know? CuraScript SD participates in charitable causes not only as our own division, but in combination with efforts hosted by Express Scripts and Cigna.

Community involvement

CuraScript SD actively recognizes community initiatives, events, and organizations that are dedicated to charities and other philanthropic ventures. Our headquarters in Lake Mary FL, located just outside of Orlando; allows for unlimited opportunities to be involved in the community. We have a team of employees called the Voice of the Employee (VOE), which promotes events that benefit various community organizations. Whether it is running in a marathon or hosting a silent auction, employees are always happy and excited to give back.  

Giving time

One of the biggest ways to donate to any organization in need is time. Whether it is helping at a food bank, or sitting for a blood donation; the only cost to you is time. While time is important we also know it is a limited resource and there are instances where time makes all the difference. The VOE works closely with a local blood bank to have blood draws performed on office property to make it easy and convenient to donate. Participating in any capacity as a volunteer is rewarding to both the participant and the organization. It is also a learning experience that provides insight into hardships and challenges that can affect anyone.

Reaching goals

Some of our favorite charitable endeavors are those that involve children and families. We have gathered toys and gifts around the holidays for families suffering from loss or tragedy. Another fun activity in the office has been our very own “Jail n’ Bail” that allows for full office participation and is a fundraiser that benefits a national non-profit. The annual Bowl-a-Thon benefits a program that provides growth and leadership education to outstanding students in the community. We do all this in hopes to help our communities heal, grow, and overcome obstacles.


Not only do we participate in activities and fundraisers, but we also bring awareness to various healthcare-related subjects. As a regular practice, awareness days like Breast Cancer, Lupus, AIDS and Alzheimer’s are recognized by employees and via social media. These days are important to us because they can affect people in our families, our friends, neighbors, co-workers, business partners, or anyone around us. CuraScript SD is inspired by Caring for Those Who Care; but we also absolutely care, for the young, the old, the healthy, the ill, and everything in-between.

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