Being the Change

Posted Sunday, January 10, 2021


Did you know? CuraScript SD continuously distributed pharmaceuticals throughout all of 2020 with no direct impacts from COVID-19.

01 | Introduction

At CuraScript SD we are working to ensure that we continue to provide solutions for our customers to support various aspects of healthcare. Our outlook is different; we want to be the change in healthcare that offers new and exciting alternatives, as well as options for more effective and efficient care. We believe in positive innovation and embracing change for improved results. There will always be something new to learn and alternative ways to accomplish goals.  

02 | Evaluating business

Our customers across the United States are diverse and unique, which means we need to review our business functions on a regular basis. We evaluate and assess all aspects of our customer experience, while simultaneously comparing and learning about the best ways to conduct various business functions. In addition, we have undergone many changes and protocols as we have advanced through a pandemic.  Whether we are looking to expand internal business processes, increase PPE safety, or streamline shipping; we always have healthcare providers in mind. Our success is directly linked to the tireless efforts of the healthcare community who are supporting patients throughout all specialties in healthcare.   

03 | Listening to feedback

CuraScript SD is always ready to hear from our customers, we ask for feedback and welcome it whenever possible. We seek to gain the trust of facilities and physicians, and we do this by finding solutions to problems and growing from feedback. Healthcare is ever-evolving, and so are we.  

With such a diverse group of customers comes diverse perspectives and opinions. This type of diversity gives us an opportunity to make changes that impact a broad range of areas in healthcare. Changes that could ultimately be new standards and valuable services to the healthcare community.  

04 | Moving forward

As we move forward in 2021 we will continue to listen to the voice of our customers while also embracing changes necessary for the safety and security of the community. We are taking initiatives to change distribution in healthcare and be the best resource possible for healthcare providers and various facilities nationwide. There is no change not worth implementing if it benefits the process and success of healthcare for physicians and patients.

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