Rare Disease Distribution

Posted Friday, July 17, 2015

Consider us always on-call for Rare Disease distribution

There are times when every hour is critical to a patient’s health. At CuraScript SD we ensure that every rare disease patient gets the critical medication they need within the hours they need it. We provide integrated solutions for the safe and expedited distribution of rare and orphan specialty pharmaceuticals. Essential therapies and customized business solutions come together to enhance efficiency while delivering pivotal care.

Our unique service model specializes in providing customized end-to-end distribution services to the hospital, healthcare provider or authorized specialty pharmacy to meet the unique needs of these products with small patient populations.

In addition to serving as a distributor for more than 30 products, 24 of which are exclusive to our customers, CuraScript SD Rare Disease offers customized delivery programs in all 50 states, including Puerto Rico and Guam, in conjunction with the following:

  • Specialized Dedicated Sales and Customer Service Teams
  • Extensive Experience with Managing Products with REMS Requirements
  • Robust Specialty Distribution Resources and Process
  • Emergency Delivery Model
  • Stat Delivery Models Within Hours

Working with CuraScript SD as your 3PL services provider offers additional benefits, including:

Maximum Control of Product Flow in the Marketplace

This is exceptionally beneficial with products that have small patient populations and complex administration requirements.

Customized Logistics Solutions

We provide critical inventory management and logistic services to customers requiring a fully-integrated product solution. Our support base ranges from the most basic distribution services to a fully-customized, flexible and scalable supply chain management program.

Increased Visibility and Market Analytics

CuraScript SD’s Galileo® business intelligence services offer a variety of analytics. Galileo accommodates key performance measurements specific to vendors and utilizes real-time data to provide you with a foundation for advanced analytic and reporting capabilities. We are fully EDI capable, including EDI 844, 849, 845, 850, 852, and 867 transaction sets, and have the ability to provide client connectivity reports to help ensure all active customers are set-up correctly in Turning Point, our proprietary internally developed and maintained enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. CuraScript SD’s system capabilities will ensure standardization and transparency on all products purchased.

Consistency of Messaging Related to Product

Our experienced communications team offers customized product-launch materials using a variety of mediums.




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